Born in the desert, we believe in its healing power. We create clean, conscious, and transformative remedies for your skin and mind.

Skincare inspired by the self-healing desert plants of New Mexico and the American Southwest.

Robust, revitalizing, and genderless skin-care to combat all kinds of environmental and personal stressors.

To be not only beautiful to display, but also effective, is a task not all clean skin-care brands can manage.

Featuring clean ingredients, genderless products, and sustainable packaging, AYOND quite literally goes above and beyond standard skincare.

Formulating Ethos

Using a balance of botanicals that are native to the desert, nutrient-rich plant oils from around the world, and clean, sustainable synthetics, our formulas are designed to protect and nourish your skin and build resilience to the stressors of everyday life.

We cherish our earth and believe in quality over quantity in everything we create. Our holistic and meticulous approach to formulation provides effective and transformative skincare while maintaining the health of our earth.


Our Sustainability

We believe consciousness is the care for quality, authenticity, and balance.

From our thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly packaging to our zero-waste recycling program, to our brandwide carbon offsets, we understand true well-being comes from being conscious - of ourselves and of the world around us.