Transformative Wellbeing

Transformative Wellbeing

Guided by the form and function of an interconnected desert ecosystem

AYOND believes the desert is a powerful source of rejuvenation that awakens our body, mind and soul to transformative experiences. This state of wellbeing can consciously shift our awareness, uplifting our lives to feel more connected, empowered and whole. Infusing high-performing actives, and mood boosting aromatics to invoke a cellular shift, allowing formulas to absorb more fully and produce more vibrancy from the inside out.


Amplify skin health with desert botanicals known to thrive in extreme conditions. These clinically-proven ingredients are clean, potent, and ethically sourced to restore, rejuvenate, and transform the skin.

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Our streamlined collection is made from low-impact materials such as bio-resins, glass, 100% post consumer-waste paper, and upcycled or zero-waste ingredients. Significantly reducing stress on the environment compared to conventional methods. We are constantly reassessing the life our or products to ensure quality, design, and sustainability are innate.

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Rooted in Santa Fe each bespoke product is carefully sourced using the world’s finest desert botanicals, stimulating aromatics, and potent topical nootropics. Because the body and mind are linked through the senses, we curate ingredients to offer a spectrum of holistic benefits with restorative and rejuvenating power.

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At Ayond each formula is made from cold-pressed plant extracts, high-performance actives, essences, nourishing botanical oils, and non-comedogenic floral waxes. Clinically-tested on all genders and skin tones, every formulation is held to the highest standard undergoing compatibility, stability, and efficacy testing.

These essentials replenish, rebalance and refine the complexion while reversing and preventing visible signs of premature aging, for skin that glows with health.


AYOND, a synonym for beyond, encompasses the belief that in order to thrive in a future beyond today, we must create consciously, inclusively and sustainably.

Shani van Breukelen, an African American and Dutch fashion alumni from Central Saint Martins and Porter Yates, a native to Santa Fe and mechanical engineer with a focus in sustainability founded AYOND in 2018.

The pair shifted from their respective fields after Shani suffered a burn trauma and the couple started working with plant-based remedies to help heal her skin. Inspired by their experience in the desert, the duo set out to create efficacious skincare that celebrates design without compromising the Earth.