Transformative Beauty Inspired by Desert Resilience

Transformative Beauty Inspired by Desert Resilience

Clinically crafted skincare designed by nature to refine, protect and renew.

At AYOND, our philosophy is informed by the desert -- a vast, enigmatic landscape where hidden reservoirs nourish and sustain life in beautiful ways. Such extreme environs are home to highly efficacious botanicals that have evolved over millennia to preserve water, store nutrients and protect against harsh aggressors. That’s why high desert actives like Rock Rose, Wild Indigo, Blue Butterfly Bush and Sand Verbena -- imbued with potent therapeutic benefits from intense hydration to renewal and repair -- are the soul of our skincare.

The human body and mind are increasingly prone to chronic stress and anxieties in the form of toxins, pollutants, UV and blue light, and other factors that throw us off balance, triggering premature signs of aging and dull, dry, damaged skin. By fusing ancient plant wisdom with clinical innovation, AYOND offers clean formulas to rebuild resilience, boost radiance, and help your skin thrive.


Holistic skincare inspired by desert flowers known to thrive in extreme conditions. We have tapped the wellspring of wellbeing -- clean, potent botanicals that have evolved over millennia to preserve water, store nutrients and protect against harsh environmental aggressors -- to rebuild resilience and transform the skin.

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Our streamlined collection relieves skin stressors, removes complication, and reduces impact on the environment -- yet each formula indulges the senses and is rich with potential uses and benefits.

Spare, zero-waste packaging is consciously designed to have many lives.

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Rooted in Santa Fe with a global soul, AYOND is perpetually on a mission to explore dualities, defy limits, and challenge conventional notions of beauty and gender.

Propelled by the extremes of desert imagination and city momentum, we exist in a state of transcendence.

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Clinically crafted from high quality, cold-pressed plant extracts and essences, nourishing botanical oils, rare ceremonial herbs, non-comedogenic floral waxes and clean actives packed with therapeutic benefits.

Replenish, rebalance and refine the complexion while reversing and preventing visible signs of damage, for skin that glows with health.


AYOND, a synonym for beyond, encompasses the belief that in order to thrive in a future beyond today, we must create consciously, inclusively and sustainably.

Shani Van Breukelen, an African American and Dutch fashion alumni from Central Saint Martins and Porter Yates, a native to Santa Fe and mechanical engineer with a focus in sustainability founded AYOND in 2018.

The pair shifted from their respective fields after Shani suffered a burn trauma and the couple started working with plant-based remedies to help heal her skin. Inspired by their experience in the desert, the duo set out to create efficacious skincare that celebrates design without compromising the Earth.