A Journey Beyond The Ordinary


A Journey Beyond The Ordinary

We are explorers, discoverers - existing in a world between Santa Fe and New York drawing inspiration from the strength and beauty of each.

Santa Fe, where the boundless space of the desert connects us to the artistry of nature; and New York, where endless energy transcends expectation and imagination.

From the healing quietness of the desert to the resiliency, diversity, and creative osmosis that comes from the city, AYOND finds beauty in the balance between two worlds.

Created with Consciousness

AYOND is a celebration of process and passion, a way to cherish our surroundings, and a constant reminder to look inward while honoring the world around us.


Skincare with a purpose - inside and out.

Formulated from the purest organic oils and potent botanicals, we choose efficacious ingredients that naturally nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your skin.

Our cruelty-free and completely vegan skincare promotes a clean complexion without having to compromise a clean environment.

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Appreciation of the self - not perfection of the self.

We believe consciousness is the care for quality, authenticity, and balance.

From our thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly packaging to our zero-waste recycling program, we understand true well-being comes from being conscious - of ourselves and of the world around us.

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Embracing the resilience of nature.

Our skincare embodies the strength and beauty of balance – formulated with transformative phytoactives and nourishing organic oils that combat the stressors of everyday life and optimize skin health.

We believe in the transportive nature of scent and use rare essential oils, botanical essences, and floral waxes - uniquely blended to connect to memory, embrace exploration, and excite the mind.

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We embrace and excite the senses with transformative products that are purposeful in design, material, and philosophy.

From our eco-friendly packaging to our natural ingredients to our recycle program, AYOND believes that everything you create can, and should, be made with a clean and conscious perspective.

Our formulas are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and biodegradable and all our boxes and sleeves are made from 100% post-consumer paper and wrapped with compostable cellophane - all without compromising beautiful design.


AYOND, a synonym for beyond, encompasses the belief that in order to thrive in a future beyond today, we must create consciously, inclusively and sustainably.

Shani Van Breukelen, an African American and Dutch fashion alumni from Central Saint Martins and Porter Yates, a native to Santa Fe and mechanical engineer with a focus in sustainability founded AYOND in 2018.

The pair shifted from their respective fields after Shani suffered a burn trauma and the couple started working with plant-based remedies to help heal her skin. Inspired by their experience in the desert, the duo set out to create efficacious skincare that celebrates design without compromising the Earth.