Introducing The desert in bloom

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A trio of 100% naturally-derived fragrances that evoke the rare flora uniquely adapted to desert landscapes.

Intentional, sustainable and profoundly layered, each fragrance is carefully curated with botanicals and aromatic essences that unlock inner wellbeing.

our ethos

a holistic approach

The desert is a powerful source of rejuvenation that awakens our body, mind and soul to transformative experiences.

Each signature scent is carefully curated with botanicals and aromatic essences to stimulate mind-body dialogues to give a deeper resonance and unlock inner wellbeing.

This state of well-being can consciously shift our awareness, uplifting our lives to feel more connected, empowered and whole.

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circular mindset

carbon neutral, low impact

The desert wastes nothing; neither do we. We are driven to respect our personal, local and global impacts with a transparent commitment to make everything with care and intention.

All our products are ethically made in the USA from globally sourced ingredients. Our hero ingredient Rock Rose is wild-harvested using traditional methods and processed in a zero-waste facility.

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