Created with Consciousness

The desert wastes nothing and neither do we. We are driven to reduce our impact by designing with intention and instill a process that is innately sustainable. Choosing purposeful materials that are plant-based, recyclable, or made with greener technology.

All of our products are ethically made in the USA from globally sourced ingredients, some of these materials are upcycled, produced in closed-loop facilities. Our box is printed on 100% post consumer paper, and all of our ink is repulpbable.


We partnered with Pact Collective to help end waste in the beauty industry. To find a recycling drop off near you click here

Our Materials

100% Post Consumer Paper

Our boxes are made using 100% post consumer waste paper sourced from Wisconsin based paper-mills.

Recyclable Glass

We use glass to protect our products and it is also recyclable.

Plant Based Bio-Resins

Our signature marbled caps and cleansing balm jars utilize 20-30% plant based bio-resins.