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AYOND's clinically-proven formulas combine transformative skincare actives grown only in the desert with topical nootropics to rejuvenate from the inside out.

Featuring our proprietary XERAFLORA™ Complex, a powerhouse of desert extremophiles to amplify skin health at any life stage.

Xeraflora™ Complex

Our proprietary concentrate is engineered to harnesses the protective and rejuvenating properties of Rock Rose, Cactus Cells, and Ectoin into a powerful, synergistic system. These resilient elements optimize cell function, combat premature aging, and amplify skin health, leading to transformative levels of vibrancy and vitality.

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our ethos

a holistic approach

Our founders’ healing journey after burn trauma inspired their ethos of desert plant-based skincare. Ayond was born from this powerful, scientific and emotional place of fluidity, where skincare can alter your state of being.

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circular mindset

carbon neutral, low impact

The desert wastes nothing; neither do we. All our products are ethically made in the USA from globally sourced ingredients. Our hero ingredient Rock Rose is wild-harvested using traditional methods and processed in a zero-waste facility.

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