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  • Metamorph Eau de Parfum 1
  • Metamorph Eau de Parfum 2
  • Metamorph Eau de Parfum 3
  • Metamorph Eau de Parfum 4
  • Metamorph Eau de Parfum 5
  • Metamorph Eau de Parfum 6

Metamorph Eau De Parfum

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During high summer in the Southwest, the shifting wind signals the monsoon season. It rises over the mountains. It carries the energy of distant oceans. And it reinvigorates fragile desert ecosystems with overwhelming sustenance. Metamorph evokes the electricity of sudden rain storms. Flooding the senses with heady drifts of a lush desert arroyo resurrected by nature.


  • 100% naturally derived fragrance
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Organic sugarcane alcohol
  • Genderless

Crafted With Care


Infused with frankincense and other ceremonial incense, Metamorph empowers a shift in direction. Use throughout the day, on your body and in your space, to open the mind and manifest new growth.
  • 100% Post Consumer Paper

    100% Post Consumer Paper

    Our box is made from 100% post-consumer waste paper and is produced without the use of chlorine as a processing agent. To further enhance its eco-friendliness, each box is protected by plant-based cellophane that is 100% home-compostable.

  • Upcycled Wood Cap

    Upcycled Wood Cap

    Designed using upcycled wood from deceased or diseased olive trees, our cap incorporates Portuguese cork as the inner liner, further reducing our use of plastics. Please note that due to the unique nature of the material, each cap may vary slightly in appearance from the images shown. We believe

  • Lightweight Glass

    Lightweight Glass

    Our Italian-made glass is specifically designed to be 20% lighter than traditional fragrance bottles. Its lightweight construction not only reduces the energy required for production but also minimizes energy consumption during transit, resulting in a lower environmental impact.

  • Removable Pump

    Removable Pump

    Unlike most fragrances with non-removable crimp pumps, our fragrances feature a screw-off pump that allows for easy separation of the glass bottle, making it recyclable. This reduces waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

The Resilience Ritual

Amplify skin health with rejuvenating skincare from the high desert that will transform, revitalize, protect and balance your skin.

Step 1
Cleansing Balm

A refreshing residue-free cleanser infused with anti-inflammation actives effectively removes impurities and makeup leaving your skin hydrated and calm.

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Metamorph Cleansing Balm
Step 2
Rock Rose
Active Serum

An optimal concentration of resilient desert flowers and bioidentical ingredients help enhance performance at the cellular level to improve elasticity, revitalizing skin to a rejuvenated state.

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Rock Rose Active Serum
Step 3
Taos Blue
Barrier Cream

A powerful accord of natural blue botanicals, ceramides and essential fatty acids repair and help shield the skin from damaging effects of environmental stress.

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Taos Blue Barrier Cream
Step 4
Amber Elix
Vibrancy Oil

Potent retinol alternatives and cold-pressed botanical oils help fade hyperpigmentation by providing essential micronutrients deep within, leaving skin nourished, vibrant and balanced.

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Amber Elix Vibrancy Oil


Metamorph Eau de Parfum
Metamorph Eau De Parfum