Recycling Program Terms

AYOND Recycling Program

Terms and Conditions

Effective May 01, 2019

The AYOND Recycling Program is only open to individuals residing in the United States, and not businesses or commercial entities.

The AYOND Recycling Program accepts only the following items: (1) caps, pumps and droppers from AYOND or any other beauty brand, and (2) AYOND 100 ml Bakelite jar. [Only our specially marked AYOND recycling box may be used to ship items to us for recycling.] All excess product must be removed. You agree not to send broken glass, or any non-accepted items, which may be returned to you. We only accept items from personal, household use. We may place limits on the amount of recyclable items we accept from you, in our sole discretion.

The AYOND Recycling Program is AYOND’s partnership with a recycling company to recycle as much of the returned items possible. Not all items sent back to us may be suitable for recycling. Our recycling partner will recycle what can be recycled to the best of its ability.

Failure to comply with the AYOND Recycling Program Terms and Conditions may result in our discontinuation of your participation in the program, in our sole discretion. AYOND reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the AYOND Recycling Program or any aspect thereof at any time for any or no reason without notification.