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Kayten Schmidt

Kayten Schmidt

The Los Angeles based artist on real beauty and inspiration.

Q: What does a sacred space look like for you?

A: An elegant hotel room, I am my best self in a hotel. My mind is so clear when I'm alone in a hotel room, it's both a necessity and a luxury to sleep in one as often as possible. A space that I am not allowed to clutter or neglect.

Q: What does real beauty mean to you?

A: Real beauty means doing whatever you need to feel beautiful. Everyone has something beautiful about them. The right song, the right company, the right sheets or trousers or coat or shoes. The right gait when you walk. The right scent. You'll know when you land on it. I believe less is more when it comes to beauty, clean skin and makeup for fun. For me that is washing my face, putting on a rich cream like the Taos Blue Day Cream and a little red lipstick.

Q: How do you find inspiration when starting a project?

A: Writing and looking at a lot of imagery. Writing out the concept. Inspiration is a constant stream to tap into, it's finding the concentration and focus that is the challenge.


Q: How do rituals shape your day?

A: Rituals are a new thing for me, I am resistant to routine to a fault. I rebel against everything for no reason. Rituals are so important though! With work I've gotten into a flow and a ritual of archiving and going through my archive which takes forever, but it feels so right in my brain that I'm now addicted to doing a bit each day. It feels ritualistic bc it's a little pointless and redundant yet I want to do it just for the sake of doing it. On Mondays my boyfriend and I try to go for sushi in Little Tokyo for lunch and plan the week, a shared ritual.

Q: ⁠⁠What is your morning or evening routine?

A: Morning I wake up and make some Mariage Freres Tea, very strong. Then I start working in the morning light if I'm shooting or I catch up on email stuff. At some point I wash my face and put on a ph balancing toner and a face serum like Ayond's Rock Rose, my skin is fairly oily so I don't need much during the day. Then the day sort of flies by, I work out in the afternoon/evening, usually a neighborhood run or walk. Then I'll shower and this is where the real moisturizing begins, starting with Metamorph Cleansing Balm in the shower, and a mud mask on my pores. Afterward I put a rich cream on my face and a dab of Amber Elix oil on my face and generously on my décolletage and the tops of my arms and sometimes on my stomach. Then to bed early. Sleep on a silk pillowcase it really helps with wrinkles.

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