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Home Phuangfueang

Home Phuangfueang

Artist and Photographer, Home Phuangfueang on the power of quietness in Arizona.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration from when designing?

A: Nature and my surroundings. I recently moved to Arizona after living in bigger cities like Bangkok and New York. The quietness is teaching me much about myself and what I would like to create.

Q: ⁠⁠What is your daily routine?

A: As young parents and business owners, my wife and I have found it difficult to balance taking care of ourselves. Finding enjoyment in small rituals during my morning shower are very important to my sanity. The relaxing scent of the Amber Elix Oil makes me feel deeply moisturized and ready for a long day. It’s great after shaving. In the evening after my son is asleep I wind down by massaging the creamy Metamorph Cleansing Balm into my skin and let it sit for a few minutes before melting it off with a hot washcloth. I then follow with the Rock Rose Serum which has a most dewy texture, and finally seal in the moisture with the Amber Elix Oil before my head hits the pillow.

Q: What does does resilience mean to you?

A: I am a full time father and trying artist, as well as a foreigner in this country so the need to be resilient is always with me. Resilience means to continue learning, growing and living no matter what because our future depends on it.

Q: How has living in the desert changed your life and how you see things?

A: The forms and smells and the natural design of these open spaces have opened my eyes and mind. I want to work with my hands more, to make shapes and feel natural materials. Growing up in the city I never saw the skyline, now I feel like there is no limit to nature and space.

Q: What role does place/location play in your creative projects?

A: It’s everything for me. I grow and change so much each time I experience a new place and it makes all the difference in my work.

Home is shown using Amber Elix Face Oil.