Rare Blooms

Stories of Resilience & Transformation

Chloe Hayward

Chloe Hayward

The Brooklyn based director and writer speaks to creativity in times of uncertainty.

Q: What is your creative process?

A: I’m inspired by many things, but over the last year I’ve felt really connected and nourished by the deep friendships with the women in my life. I love the two hour phone calls about little kernels of thoughts and ideas. They help me tease out things I’ve been thinking about and it becomes really electric, we share and grow together, there’s a lot of support there creatively, things like, “oh, you should read this book, you should see this documentary, you should check out this article.”

Q: What is your daily routine?

My morning routine is rinsing my face with cool water and a gentle cleanser, then I use the Ayond Rock Rose Serum, let that soak in and then do a nice wake up massage with the Ayond Amber Elix Oil. It’s a great texture for massage so you don’t drag your skin. Then I’ll put on SPF, at least factor 40 come rain or shine. I also wear a hat most sunny days because I don’t want to damage my skin, that’s my best beauty tip! In the evening I’ll wash off the day with the Metamorph Balm and then I always follow it with a session of my Nu face mini. I swear by it, it’s totally transformed my skin. It’s so relaxing to watch a film and sit with it, I wake up de-puffed in the morning if I do it at night.

Q: How have current events shaped your storytelling?

A: A lot. I’ve become a bit averse to meaningless superficial things. I need to be moved, it’s like I’m addicted to feeling an emotional reaction to something otherwise I’m just not interested. After the last year, I think we all want to connect deeply to one another.

Q: What does real beauty mean to you?⁠⁠

Real beauty is something for yourself from a genuine place of how it makes you feel. It’s internal more than external. The really beautiful women I know are purposeful and passionate about the things that they love.

Q: What is your ultimate goal with your artistry?

I want to make work that is truthful to the human experience, that’s vulnerable and honest. I want people to feel something after they’ve watched one of my films, like “Oh, I’ve felt like that, I thought it was only me that felt that.” I want to make people feel less alone.

Chloe is seen using Amber Elix Face Oil.