Rare Blooms

Stories of Resilience & Transformation

Carmen Nash

Carmen Nash

Artist and interior designer Carmen Nash takes us to her sacred space where beauty and storytelling meet.

Q: How has resilience played a part in starting your business?

A: I had to learn the entire business of vintage furniture resale and develop an eye for quality vintage without losing the message and aesthetic of what I knew I wanted my brand to be. The most difficult aspect for me was that I couldn't find anyone else doing the exact same thing as me. Initially this made me think I was doing something wrong and that I should switch my curation style to be more on trend. But I was bored with that and it didn't speak to me as a creative. Being resilient enough to push through my insecurities really paid off in creating something signature and unique.

Q: ⁠⁠What is your morning routine?

A: Self-care is something that is very important to me but can also be tough to come by. I love combining hot showers with metamorph cleansing balm for a rich and relaxing showering experience. Also, I love to indulge my skin in the rock rose face serum slowly massaging into my skin and breathing in deeply. The best start to my day as a busy entrepreneur and mom.

Q: What does real beauty mean to you?

A: Real beauty for me comes from my faith in God. How I view objects and put them together is only how I articulate the feeling I have in my soul stemming from my relationship with him. When people enjoy the things I style and put together I hope that they feel the deeper meaning behind my art form. Beauty for me was not always felt on the exterior as a woman of a darker complexion. But through my faith and my art I unearthed something deeper and intrinsic which makes me feel more beautiful the more I pursue it.

Q: What do you look for when picking a piece for your store's collection?

A: When I am picking a piece for my store's collection I look to tell its story. Much like dating I'm initially very attracted to the outer appearance of the object. The shape of it, the texture and even the material all play a part in the initial attraction. However, the deeper beauty is really why I buy the object. The way the object speaks to me as an artist plays a significant part in the selection process.

Q: What does a sacred space look like for you?

A: A sacred space for me is a dwelling that I have slowly and lovingly put together. Collecting items that touch my soul and delight me when I wake in the morning and when I lay down in the evening. I love to combine elements of nature like fruit and plants in a space and use aromatic oils to heighten all senses.

Carmen is seen applying Rock Rose Face Serum.